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Which is the scarcest resource you own?

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We bring YOU to real-life through practical and conscious meaningful life experiences.
We believe in:

(Time² ± Money) * Meaningful Experiences = Happiness

We can't give you more timebut we can definitely help you spending it in a meaningful way

Introducing the world's first Collection of Real-Life Experiences

Free for you to consult, enjoy and be inspired from

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How it works

Joining Hedoniac for FREE may help you with the pursuit of your happiness. If you want to discover its core concepts and how you could benefit from it, check out how it works.

Idea & Core Values

If you are curious to know where and how the idea was born, check out this page. Before all, we are a community of people that think the same in regards of society and life. We aim for a change. Check out our strong values.

Get Involved

Do you share Hedoniac’s same values or want to share some of your meaningful real-life experiences? Feel free to join our project, to get in touch or to learn more about it on our blog.


Start living every moment of your life like it's your last.

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