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“Only in dying Life”
This one is a story about death. Death. Something that many panically fear, for unknown reason. Or rather, the Unknown is the reason why they fear death. Curious, isn’t it?

I was but a kid when I first encountered death. I could not understand my experience back then - I was 5 or younger - but the memory has remained. It all happened so quickly. One moment I was bouncing merrily on a rubber crocodile, the other I was underwater, totally baffled. Curious. I saw the surface above me but I couldn’t swim. I didn’t even know that one could do such a thing as swim. So I watched, idle. I noticed that I couldn’t breathe. Not a problem. A slightly uncomfortable sensation. Then I saw a very rapid movie; a movie of my short, little, unimportant life, it seemed. It lasted only for a moment; then, I started to submerge into... Peace? It was pleasant. Very pleasant. So pleasant, that when my father finally found me and pulled me out, I was actually angry. I felt that I had been interrupted at something, although I didn’t have the notion of what it was.

Although it were seconds that separated me from dying, never again did I feel more alive. What does it mean? That is up to you, I think...

I was working on a 7/5 job. I thought I was happy. Turns out that that was not happiness.
My story started like a film, but it's not!
I had the impression that something was wrong in my life... that it was not really carrying me towards the right direction. I was not waking up with a smile.

I definitely realized that when one day, in a public toilet, I read 1 single question on a wall.

That question made me actually act, despite I was thinking about the change since months.

I realize that actually the life I was living and that I was convined was the "right" one for me, the one I wanted... was just a projection of society programming.

The question was:
"Are you really sure the life you are living is the one you want?"
And below you could read:

"If you don't believe in fairy tales, just change it, you won't get a second chance. I didn't made that change and I regret it every single day".

That guy just saved my life. I bet thousands of people read that sentence but never really got the message. I decided to make that change and quit my job the following week.
I had a family to sustain so I decided to open a bar and since then I am the happiest person on earth.

Not because I now gain more money or because I work less, but because I do actually LOVE WHAT I AM DOING!!! I wake up with a smile.

That was my touching life experience: read a sentence on a wall and actually do it!

I would probably never know who was the person who wrote that text on the wall, but I thank that person every day!
I gave away some money to my grandpa. I just flipped it on his wallet without him to notice. He has cancer so I thought that probably he wouldn't care much about having a bit more money on his wallet, but I loved the idea anyway.
Also, I thought that for the short time he has remained to live maybe he would have spent that money more wisely than myself...

A few days later, without knowing, he gave me that same money back saying: "take dear, spent them to buy you some nice experiences."

That was a great lesson and experience to me.

Love you grandpa. I know you are reading that from above!