Don't buy stuff, EXPERIENCE life.

Collection of Experiences

Hedoniac is building a collection of experiences.

A FREE library of universally applicable impactful once-in-a-life experiences for everyone to consult, enjoy and be inspired from.

We know that this project will never end as listing the infinite number of possible experiences that move human beings is just impossible.

Nevrtheless, we strongly believe in leading by example and we want to give everyone a guidance and practical application of rational hedonism principles. By directly experiencing all the beauty LIFE can offer, you will become the change we wanna see in the world.

We want to share our passion with you, are you ready?

Hedoniac is for you IF you

  • are looking for a collection of once-in-a-life qualitative experiences to inspire you
  • want to be part of something, not sit on the side lines observing
  • want to grow and mature by actively challenge and sculpt your life
  • embrace the unknown
  • want to fight to pursue your happiness at any cost
  • feel frustrated by current system: socialisation/education > work > marriage > mortgage
  • believe this world also needs your push to steer toward a different direction

It's also probably for you IF you

  • think that life is full of opportunities and can offer you much more
  • feel that technology and digital communication are overwhelming us
  • want to have a healthier lifestyle in line with nature
  • caught that mass media and corporations are not telling you the whole story
  • have enough of just being a system gear, feel exploited and pushed to consumerism
  • want to know you better through living new experiences
  • need a slow down of your life and want to learn more about”slow living” and “frugalism”

It's definitely NOT for you IF you

  • are narrow minded, lazy or scared about the world and the wonderful people living on it
  • need an happiness recipe or guidebook that you can easily apply to your life
  • are looking for tons of “stuff-to-do” ideas, generated by tons of users and their smartphone-made pictures
  • are looking for commercial (tripadvisor-like) experiences
  • are looking for new places to visit, destinations or passive activities where to be a spectator
  • want to follow or join a political movement, sect, cult or new religion

This is what we consider to be an experience:


We want each and every Experience collected here to be for any person. They are universally replicable regardless of status, age, sex, race, wealth, psychological profile, type of body, etc. Self-challenging personalities and anxious people will both find something for them.


This website concentrates only on those experiences that actively involve subjects into an action, being this phisical, sensorial, mental, creative or relational one. Passive experiences where subjects stand or sit stairing at something without actively participating are only considered if those experiences are incredibly moving.


Despite being something entirely subjective, we define an experience as something that moves the subject and has some sort of psychological or phisical impact on him/her. Being this good memories’, bodily sensations, self-esteem, personality, emotions, satisfaction, etc.


Only short term epxeriences are considered. Despite there are surely medium and long term experiences that moves deeply, those are not on the scope of this website. We focus on creating a collection of experiences with instant gratification and possibly without initial preparation.


Well-known and “commercial” experiences move less just because they are broadly documented and have been already mentally anticipated by subjects. This website focuses mainly on outside-the-box ones, despite some more ordinary or classical ones are also in the collection.


We try to force ourselves to NOT bind an experience to a specific time frame, event or location in the world. It must be replicable by anyone in any part of the globe and at any time. Despite that, for some deeply moving experiences we make an exception as we think it worth the trip or to wait for that.

Ready to move your first steps towards a more active and rich-of-experiences life?