Gift Economy

gift economy or gift culture hedoniac

Hedoniac supports the idea that gift culture should also be an integral and primordial part of our economic and social system (ie. offline). 

Our economic and social system is based upon pushing individuals to transform their endeavours into economic outputs. Rather than selling items, we prefer to give them away. This way, we reject the ownership and the power and control that are raised from it. On the contrary, we prefer gifts as they allow for people to use their endeavours just for the good of other similars who get them. 

This makes us feel much more satisfied, gratified and has a demonstrated deeper positive impact on happiness. 


Healthy Lifestyle

healthy lifestyle hedoniac

We do believe in having a healthy lifestyle. 

  • We try to be as natural as possible avoiding the use of any pharmaceutical product.  
  • We like to explore our body’s capabilities and challenge ourselves. We embrace any bodily art and sport that makes us feel good physically and mentally but we don’t become addicted to that.
  • We skip spending time, efforts, energy with cosmetics (incl. shampoo, toothpaste, mouthwash, deodorant, perfume,…). 
  • We avoid fast, chunk, frozen and microwave-needed “food”. We mainly eat vegetarian/vegan, local and seasonal food. 
  • We try to grow our own food as much as possible and to cook it as often as possible.
  • Of course, we hate wasting food.

Technology and Smartphones

No Mobile Phones hedoniac

We support technology progress only if intended as a healthy walk towards a nature-respectful improvement of all living-beings. Or as an active, free-from-control and constructive mean of information. 

We are against interrupting communication devices such as mobile phones. We do believe that, as owners of our time, it should be our solely, active an voluntary decision when to enter digital/virtual world or an interaction and when continuing enjoying real-life moments.


alternative system hedoniac

We do believe in an economical and social system with no central entity and based on people for the people with the main objective of empowering individuals toward their pursuit of happiness and healthy lifestyle.

People should auto-regulate the system by controlling that their choices are not damaging other individuals’ happiness or our very environment. 

We embrace entrepreneurship as we believe it to be immensely more deliberating and satisfactory vs. any other professional activity. 

As real freedom can only be achieved through privacy and anonymity, we fully support both of them. 

Individuals’ Rights

about human rights hedoniac

The individual should always rule over any institution. 

We don’t believe our rights come from law, policy or governments but from nature. We don’t infringe some of the common laws because it’s not moral, ethic, just or natural to do so (ie. kill someone, steal other’s propriety,…). Not because some entity told us we shouldn’t do it.


anti consumerism and frugalism hedoniac

As our system is based on money, having enough of it is an instrument for the pursuit of our happiness. 

Having a healthy discernment and rational decision-making when it comes to money and save, invest and avoid wasting it it’s crucial. 

We live frugal. We think that the more things you own, the more you are owned by them. We stay away from disinvestments, consumerism and shopping (e.g. useless objects purchase, drug, alcohol, casino, lottery tickets, anything luxe, jewellery, cosmetics,…) 

We spend most of our lives travelling the world, discovering new places and meet new people. 

We embrace the unkonw and throw ourselves in any new art and experience that is not damaging others or the environment.

Know Yourself

know yourself and your worth hedoniac

We don’t look for descriptions, boxes or labels to fit into or for people to tell us what we are. 

We make our own images of success and we learn to approve our own self. 

Also, rather than doing what other people expect us to do, we do what WE think is right. 

We are comfortable working our will in the world, beneficially. Fixing our mistakes and learn not to repeat them.

Social Life

social life hedoniac

We chose to TRUST, rely upon and confide in people. 

We eat together, discuss, challenge, help, experience, give without expecting anything in exchange, barter, motivate, inspire and encourage each others. This is what love and brotherhood means. 

It’s what’s inside people that matters: we are ahead of any racial or nationalism crap. 

We live with integrity: we don’t do things to other people if we wouldn’t like them to be done to us.

We love to create and support communities based on reciprocal beneficial exchange and enrichment. 

We do respect secrets. Secrets help us maintaining who we are, safeguarding our identity and uniqueness. 

TV, Media & News

have no tv hedoniac

For our well-being, we completely walked away from TV, Commercials, Media and News. Those are massive wasters of the most precious thing we own: our time. They are distractors and act as opium in regards to our main life-objective: the pursuit of happiness. 

Instead, we love to read books, watch documentaries and sub-culture films, listen to podcasts, read online stuff, etc… BUT we pick the good sources. 


education alternatives hedoniac

We love to read books with real ideas in them. This is education. We don’t need schools’ approval certificates. 

We like to learn autonomously from a wide range of disciplines: ethics, law, mnemonics, logic, cybersecurity, coding, finance, communication. This latter not to prove we are right, but to get true ideas into other minds effectively. 

Last but not least, as we aim independency, we study and learn from agriculture, nutrition, psychology, medicine (also the “alternative one”), wood-carving, informatics, hydraulics, etc. 


frugal living hedoniac

We embrace the principle that humankind is not the top of a pyramid but part of a complex natural circle with animals and the ecosystem. 

We believe in the preservation of natural forces and in a delicate chemical, physical and biological equilibrium. 

Because of that, we try to live frugally and without wasting precious earth’s resources such as water, energy and land. 

Slow Living

slow living hedoniac

Humankind should have a dramatic step-by-step global slow down of production, economic, work and social rhythms. 

Morally and ethically, each and every person on earth should have the basic right to freely and fully enjoy at least half of its existence’s time. Free from any working bound and free to run after its passions, social circle and well-being.  

We believe in smiling and looking at the full glass. We live life with simplicity and when possible we simply go with the flow. 

Having a positive attitude regarding life and its challenge is crucial. Stress is useless and mentally damaging, we reject that.