8 important reasons to travel [for girls]

There is always an explanation about why you do things, therefore there are also reasons to travel.

Life is short and the world is wide: you deserve to travel. Let’s just do it without waiting.

We all know that if you keep postponing what you would like to do, at a certain point it will be too late and you will regret it. So, follow your dreams and live your life intensively!

This lifestyle is not suitable to everyone, but if you feel the urge to discover the world, go for it.

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Before taking this decision, I read several blogs about backpackers, nomads, travel bloggers and travel lovers in general. Going through their reasons to travel, I found out that I also had my own reasons and a long trip was a great idea. You will understand why.

Initially, I was a bit hesitating about a 6-month period in unknown countries, with different cultures and languages, with maybe difficult situations to solve, and so on. Then I asked myself a few and targeted questions. Am I scared about it? No. Will I handle it? Yes. Am I willing to feel free and discover every day something new, with all its pros and cons? Yes. Then, I will go for it!


After hours of soul-searching, I am ready to hereby list the 8 main reasons why this trip is so important for me.


1. Realize a dream

I am dreaming about this trip since 2008. I had the chance to travel to Asia, but in the end, I let it go. Don’t ask me why because I still regret it. But I finally found a great person who shares my same ideas and I am glad I can visit these wonderful countries with him now, which is also a very important birthday year for me.

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2. Put myself out there

I feel I need to go out of my comfort zone, where the magic happens. I want to increase my self-esteem and to become more self-confident. When travelling, you face all kind of situations. You need to be rational and solve them without knowing exactly how. After all is over, it’s cool to feel satisfied and happy about your performance. It’s super empowering.

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3. Meet new people

It is much easier to meet new people when travelling than staying in your own city. It can be a multi-cultural, openminded and welcoming city but still, everyone has his/her own life. That’s it.

When backpacking, you have to interact with other individuals. Maybe you need information, or maybe you just feel a bit nostalgic and need a friendly talk with someone. You usually end up listening to wonderful stories and unbelievable adventures. People shares also useful information, tips and tricks and can join a part of your trip. Cool, eh?



4. Break the routine

As already mentioned, I need new stimuli to break the routine. I want to collect new memories and new emotions. A long trip is a perfect solution for that, isn’t it?

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5. Lose myself

Talking about itineraries, we didn’t plan almost anything for this trip. It will be an adventure, without boundaries. We will be lost out there, but we will find ourselves when we will decide the next step based on our willingness and desires. It is about self-exploration and soul-searching: you will understand what is really important for you, and for your own life.



6. Feel free

I love to be free and spontaneous, without prejudices. I adore doing what I want when I want. I am looking for this feeling of freedom, relax, positivity, strength, passion, and so on. I strive for it even if I am aware that it will not only be positive, but I will also face difficult situations.



7. Gain life force

I will use this long period to reduce all the stress cumulated in the past years. The goal is to enhance my energy, my strength, my passion for life and to come back as a new revitalised person.

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8. Collect new ideas

Last but not least, discovering new places and meeting new people allows you to grow your knowledge. You can learn new skills, a new language. Or collect new ideas, create new projects and develop passions. Everything is possible when you are ready for the “new”.

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These 8 reasons will be my motivational sparks and triggers during this trip, and will drive me in this wonderful and exciting adventure.