About Human Rights: The Individual above Corporations

About human rights… well, nowadays, the more and the more we hear talking about corporations and companies having their rights to safeguard their profit. How often did you hear about inviduals having their rights to safeguard their interests and profits against corporations and companies?

We don’t believe companies and large corporations have the right to protect their profits above all else. Of course we do believe they should have the right to safeguard their profit, but not by walking over individuals or communities’ rights. The individual should always rule over any institution. Policy and law shouldn’t be dictated by them but be at service of the individual. 

The state is not magic. It’s just a collection of people no different or more ethical or noble than each and every one of us. We don’t believe human rights come from law, policy or governments. They come from nature. We don’t infringe some of the common laws because it’s not moral, ethic, just or natural to do so. For instance, we don’t kill someone or steal other’s propriety because isn’t moral or ethic. Also, we wouldn’t like anyone doing that to us in the first place. Not because some entity told us we shouldn’t do it or because it’s illegal.

We are comfortable with the term “Economic Civil Disobedience“, we love to find false assumptions in arguments (especially from politicians) and we love to disagree with kindness. 

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