Alternative System to Capitalism and Socialism

Anarchy and communitarianism

We need to open our eyes: an alternative system to the current economic and social one does exist. More in general, alternatives to capitalism and socialism are there. 

Also, a form of “controlled” and auto-regulated anarchy is not necessarily bad.

Independent communities exist all around the world and a de-centralized communities-based system is no difficult to imagine (and do exist in small parts of the globe).

Anarchy and communitarianism hedoniac

A system fostering individuals’ happiness

We do believe in an economical and social alternative system with no central controlling entity and based on people for the people.

It should have one primary objective: empower and push individuals toward their free pursuit of happiness (life quality) and healthy lifestyle (long-lasting life). 

A similar economic and social system should:

  • act as a foundation
  • guide and inform 
  • drive and motivate
  • catalyze

people toward a more rich-of-experiences, hedonic and happy life. 

life lived running after your passions hedoniac

Rules and Regulation

There shouldn’t be a single higher entity regulating the system, ruling over individuals and treating them if rules are not respected. It should not tell what is right or wrong or what is illegal or not either. 

People should auto-regulate the system by controlling that their choices are not damaging other individuals’ happiness or our very environment. This auto-regulation should be generated and based on brotherhood, each-others ‘ respect, inner human moral and ethics. 

Individuals are natural and social feeling beings, living in a delicate and dependent-upon-it natural circle.

Institutions, companies, entities, progress, power or money shouldn’t in any case rule over the individual. 


Entrepreneurship, freedom and independence

We find it vital to be productive under our own command, embracing entrepreneurship, even if part-time.
It is immensely deliberating to be independently productive and directly deal with partners, suppliers, users, leads, clients. 

We understand and put in practice the distinction between morality and law. 

As only privacy and anonymity allow to achieve real freedom, we fully support both of them. Of course, we value and seek freedom and independence from the national and institutional rule too.

Just for the readers of Hedoniac, here we share a huge collection of curated links to preserve your privacy and anonymity vs. the world 🙂 ?