Anti Consumerism and Frugalism vs. Current System


Don’t you feel that consumerism is reaching unsustainable high levels? Solutions are there… anti-consumerism and frugalism are two examples.

Money is not the scarcest resource we have. It’s our time. Nevertheless, as the system is based upon it, having enough of it is an instrument for our pursuit of happiness. 

Not owning things will make you free

However, having a healthy discernment and rational decision-making process on how to spend our money is crucial. We are aware that avoiding spending money is equal to earning more of it.

This being said, we stay away from consumerism and shopping, we love anti-consumerism. We avoid anything that is not directly impacting our happiness. Non-exhaustive examples include the purchase of objects or accessories, drug, alcohol, casino, lottery tickets, anything luxe, house, car, jewellery, cosmetics,…

Not owning things will make you free hedoniac


We don’t blow our money on piles of useless objects kept on an ever-bigger house. That would slowly kill our soul and transform us on dying beings.

Also, we don’t want our soul to stagnates and withers. We spend most of our lives travelling the world, discovering new places and meet new people. By embracing the unknown and throwing ourselves in any new art and experience that is not damaging others or the environment, we feel satisfied and self-fulfilled.

travelling the world hedoniac

We do the above in a way that is the one hand affordable and in the other allowing us to perpetuate this very lifestyle for all life long. 

We try to collect the needed money from two different sources. A location-unbound part-time job or passive income AND from the spare of money of our frugal lifestyle.