Asia Park in Da Nang [awkward experience]

While we were looking for activities in Da Nang, we collected a lot of information about the Asia Park. But we couldn’t believe them to be true. In every blog we read, it was said that this was a desert park: no people and, consequently, no queue.

Was this true? Yes, that’s the reality of the Sun World in Da Nang (previous name “Asia Park”).

This park is a combination of funny attractions, beautiful gardens, reproductions of representing constructions (e.g.: Angkor Wat), restaurants and a souvenir shop.


Information about the Asia Park in Da Nang

For updates and more details, you can directly check the facebook page. Here below you will find some details related to 2019.


How to reach the park

The easiest way is to go there by taxi. From the Dragon Bridge to the park, it takes approximately 10 minutes and the cost is about 4 $.

da nang map naturebels

If you have a bike or a scooter, you can easily go there for free.


Opening hours

The park opens at 3 pm, but be aware that few attractions open later or have time slots. It means that they run for 1 hour, and the hour after they are closed. Working hours are mentioned in front of every attraction.
The closing time is 10 pm.


Entry fee

The entrance is 7.50 $ per person, and it includes all the attractions. You have to pay extra only for the food.


The Asia Park

We arrived there at 3 pm. With us, there where few other people therefore in one minute we bought the ticket and entered the park.

sun world da nang entrance naturebels

The lady at the cashier told us that a couple of attractions were closed for maintenance and a few others were opening at 4 or 5 pm.
Once passed the entry gate, well… we had an entire and empty park in front of us. The park is suitable for both adults and kids, it is quite big and you have a great choice for your entertainment.

desert amusement park da nang naturebels

teddy bears asia park naturebels

But, what an awkward feeling!

It never happened to us to be in an amusement park mainly by ourselves: no one else on the horizon and no queue anywhere. It was too good to be true! Even if, now and then, it felt like being in a horror movie. We expected a sudden scary scene at any moment.

Thanks to the map received at the entrance, we started to walk in the desired direction.

sun world naturebels


The attractions

The first couple of attractions were still closed, and a few others were not interesting.

Afterwards, something strange happened. We run into a magnet of bad luck as we had been rejected by every attraction we approached, with surreal excuses:

  • you are not wearing the right shoes
  • we will close in 10 minutes
  • we will open in 10 minutes
  • you are too tall
  • you are not a kid
  • we are having a break
  • no no no… (without specific reasons)

And we started to get a bit pissed off. “How is it possible that nothing works in here, but the park is still open to the public?“.

We kept meeting the same 2-3 groups of people, who had our same expression on the face. Then finally we decided to go the Sun Wheel, that seemed to be one of the tallest Ferris wheels in the world (115 m).

sun wheel da nang naturebels

To reach the attraction, you need to take a long escalator up. We were completely alone there, and we thought that maybe the wheel was not working, too.

We found out that it actually was running, but very, very slowly. For this reason, we had plenty of time to jump into our cabin.

The Ferris wheel is not advisable if you are dizzy, as on top it is shaky and you don’t really feel safe… But it is worth a tour (above all if you think how much would you pay for the same tour in a western country!)

sun world da nang wheel naturebels

When the wheel ends, you need to take another long escalator down, and you end up to be in a huge arcade, obviously deserted. All video games are free of charge, so you can enjoy all of them (when they are working). Even the staff plays for entertainment.

arcade da nang naturebels

The following attraction was one of the roller coasters. The staff told me to come back in 10 minutes. When I came back, there was absolutely no one else there, I was the only one and the guys ran it only for me.

only one in a queue roller coaster naturebels

The staff welcomed me when I arrived, they waved when I departed and when I came back.

da nang roller coaster naturebels

There are a few more attractions, there is also a monorail going around the park and allowing you to see the landscape from a higher level. This is a great option if you would like to take some pictures. Enjoy it!



This park, which is very famous in entire Vietnam, is kind of awkward and sometimes it looks abandoned. It gives you this feeling of vintage loneliness. But this is probably what makes it so interesting and so worth a visit! In addition to that, the entrance cost is derisory so you should definitely go there and spend a few hours having fun!