Crazy people riding a motorbike in Vietnam

Do you remember when I told you that riding a motorbike in Vietnam was kind of challenging? Well, enjoy these pictures about some weirdest scenes we saw on the road!


Crazy people driving a motorbike in Vietnam

In one of my previous posts, I described you how is the situation on the road in Vietnam: chaotic!

scooters on the road naturebels

In addition to that, our friendly crazy Vietnamese drives carry whatever while driving a motorbike. Let’s start from the less impressing.


4. A man wearing a mask, a cap and a kind-of-helmet, and carrying the grocery.

crazy drivers motorbike in vietnam naturebels


3. A man carrying 5 big clay vases.

vases scooter da nang naturebels


2. A man carrying 2 big gas tanks.

gas scooter da nang naturebels


And the winners are two men carrying a long ladder and other iron poles!

transporting ladder in scooter naturebels


I know that this may not be considered a post,  but I thought it was cool to share these experiences about riding a motorbike in Vietnam with you! If you still want to rent a scooter, you can read some safety tips in this article.

See you next time!