Education Alternatives do Exist

Education alternatives do exist. We love to drink books as they were water. Real books with real ideas in them. Memorize the ideas and concepts. This is education. We don’t need schools’ approval certificates. Also, learn a fast-reading technique and effective memorization tactics. 

We are educating ourselves getting our hands dirty. We love to be into action rather than into talking. Many education alternatives do exist aside from the classical ones our society is pushing you into.

Udemy and DIY Instructables are an excellent source of education but also newly created startups are.

Our thirst of knowledge is endless, broad and deep. We like to learn from a wide range of disciplines: ethics, law (not necessarily government law), logic, cryptography, cybersecurity, coding, finance, communication. This latter not to prove we are right, but to get true ideas into other minds effectively. 

Last but not least, as we aim independence, we study and learn from a broad and deep array of disciplines. Agriculture, nutrition, psychology, medicine (also the “alternative one”), wood-carving, informatics, hydraulics are an example.

alternative education hedoniac

You can educate yourself differently, you don’t need a certificate or paper to tell you what you know or don’t know. It’s just a matter of choice. And to be practical… most of the job “opportunities” out there want to see you actively and practically solving their problem(s), not you showing them a certificate that should proof that you are able to do so 🙂

We adapt, improvise, overcome. Screw the rules – make our own.