Embrace Slow Living and Pursue an Happy Life

Slow living

We strongly believe that humankind imperatively needs to embrace slow living. Nowadays’s the world is insanely speeding up on progress, production, life’s rhythm, consumerism, working schedules and natural resources exploitation. 

A dramatic step-by-step slow down of production, global economy, working and social rhythms needs to appear. Going on with current rhythms is not sustainable anymore in terms of natural environment exploitation (sustainability) and humankind exploitation (social responsibility).
Also let’s admit it, every citizen of any big city in the world is affected by a huge psychological stress, every single day. 
If not by external sources (work, traffic, noise on the street, government, a company,….) by internal psychological factors. It’s not nice but it’s up to us to cut it and give a drammatic slow down of your life.
We advise you to read the following book, which is an awesome cure-all to get you to that mood.
slow living hedoniac 1  

Enjoy time

Morally and ethically, each and every person on earth should have the basic right to freely and fully enjoy at least half of its existence’s time. Better if following the slow living philosophy. Free from any working bound and free to run after its passions, social circle and well-being.

From the 80′ till now

In the 80′ computers were not globally diffused. Average working hours were on an average of 40-50 hours per week. Computers adoption dramatically changed our production rhythm, increasing that of at least 10 times.
Theoretically, all of this created added value and richness, should have allowed people to work half of their week (ie. 20-25 hours) and spend the rest enjoying life. This simply didn’t happen. The majority of people are still working 40 to 50 hours per week. Instead of in a factory, in front of a computer. Where did all that added value and richness go?

computer are unhealthy vs happiness hedoniac

We believe in smiling and looking at the full glass.

We live life with simplicity and when possible we simply go with the flow.

Having a positive attitude regarding life and its challenge is crucial. Stress is useless and mentally damaging, we reject that. 

We just love and follow the Holstee’s Manifesto, especially the part that say

“Stop over-analysing, life is simple. Open your heart, mind and arms to new things and people”.