Follow a No Mobile Phones Life and You Will be Happier

Technology progress

We support technology progress only if is intended as a healthy walk (not run) towards a nature-respectful improvement of all living-beings or intended as an active, free-from-control and constructive mean of information (that’s why our credo is “no mobile phones”). 

We are against that type of communication following and constantly interrupting people lives (ie. cell phones, smartphones). Notifications, messages or incoming calls are constantly and forcedly driving away individual from the real world. They push him directly into a fake, conversational-feedback lacking digital or virtual one. 

No Mobile Phones hedoniac

No mobile phones life

That’s why we decided to live a no-mobile-phones life. It should be individual solely discernment when entering the digital/virtual world and when remaining in the real world. To put it differently, when opening a computer and actively entering the virtual world or when continuing to enjoy his/her conversation with a friend.

Strong psychological mechanisms are entering in the play and slyly pushing the individual to act like that. Without necessarily people’s awareness. 

We acknowledge that thus rejecting the use of technology for this purpose. 

To clarify, we are not solely against those type of devices. They clearly are an incredible invention and sometimes strongly needed. We are against the current abuse and misuse of them. As a consequence, our social life is being ruined by them and social networks. If you want to know more about this point, this wonderful speech by Chamath Palihapitiya (former senior executive @Facebook) will open your eyes.

We are the owners of our time and we should decide when we want to communicate or interact with the rest of the world. It’s a matter of discernment, control and power over our very time, eventually of our life.