Forget the System: Know Yourself Know your Worth

We love to get to know ourselves. We know ourselves and know our worth.

Rather than looking at the system for images of success and approval, we make our own images of success and we learn to approve our own self. 

We don’t look for descriptions, boxes or labels to fit into or for people to tell us what we are. We are not suited to any single description.

Each one of us is a complex, unique and unlimited person. 

know yourself hedoniac

Also, rather than doing what other people expect us to do, we do what WE think is right. We take value-based inputs into account and consider them, but we don’t base our thoughts, decisions or behaviour solely on those inputs.  

We are comfortable working our will in the world, beneficially. Fixing our mistakes and learn not to repeat them.

To know yourself and your worth is the first thing to achieve if you wanna pursuit a happy life.