Frugal Living will Help your Happiness

We embrace the principle that frugal living is the only solution to live a long and happy life. 

Having a frugal living that is inline with nature is of core importance for happiness because the more things you own the more those things will mentally own you. We figured out that everywhere we go, part of our thoughts were dedicated to our valuable things we owned. They took a dedicated space in our mind and directly, indirectly, consciously or unconsciously triggered anxiety, worries, fears, attachment-thoughts, jealousy, etc. We said stop to that. So we figured out that we didn’t want to be part of this game anymore. 

Better to have no objects and have your mind free to enjoy all the beauty nature and life can offer. Especially you will have a clear mind to experience with introspection all the experiences that life will offer you.

Humankind is not the top of a pyramid but part of a complex natural cycle with animals and the ecosystem. 

natural cycle with animals and the ecosystem hedoniac

We believe in the preservation of natural forces and in a delicate chemical, physical and biological equilibrium. Because of that, we live frugally and without wasting precious earth’s resources such as water, energy and land. 

Following the same principle and Buddhist philosophy, we acknowledge that any human being is destined to grow old and, sooner or later, die. Thus accepting the normal ageing process of the mind and body. We avoid ant-aging process, cosmetics or similar practices.