Gift Economy would Crash Economic and Social System

Cybersecurity research, Wikipedia, most of the www and any open source project are all examples of gift economy or based on gift culture.

Gift economy tends to work better in the digital world, as giving away something won’t impact much the giver. We support the idea that gift culture should also be an integral and primordial part of our” offline” economic and social system.

Our economic and social system is based upon pushing individuals to transform their endeavours into economic outputs. The system is then maintaining its control on individuals leveraging on those economic outputs (e.g. sustain itself, punish, alienate, propaganda,…).

When this is possible and makes sense, rather than selling items we prefer gift giving. This way, we reject the ownership and the power and control that are raised from selling our stuff. Contrairly, giving gifts allow for people to use their endeavours just for the good of others who get them. This makes us feel much more satisfied, gratified and has a deeper positive impact on happiness.

We believe a society where people exchange gifts, stuff or barter things, is a much more happy one. Our community support that.

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