Have no TV and Avoiding Commercials, Media & News increase Happiness

For our well-being, we have no TV and completely walked away commercials, media and news. Those are massive wasters of the most precious thing we own: our time. They are distractors and work as opium in regards to our main life-objective: the pursuit of our happiness. 

Furthermore, we don’t waste our precious time and energy on the daily political drama of the day. We like to listen, discuss and digest more substantial things. 

Instead, we love to read books, watch documentaries and films, listen to podcasts, read online stuff,… BUT we pick the good sources. Normally, good sources are not among the “most popular” or “most sold” lists. We learned to search above and beyond popular search engines and big web players.

Just for the readers of Hedoniac, we wanna share here a massive collection of curated links that will help you getting anonymous, not-filtered by (web) mass medias information.
Remember, with big power comes big responsibility, so take good care of them 🙂

Trust us, especially having no TV is a cure-all or panacea if your objective is the pursuit of happiness.

tv damages your happiness hedoniac