Having an Healthy Lifestyle is an All or None Rule

We do believe in pursuing a healthy lifestyle. If you don’t love yourself, your body, your mind and your life, you won’t be able to love and respect other living beings.

We believe this is an “all or none rule”. This means that if you care about having a healthy lifestyle you need to do everything it takes to commit to that. This also includes being consistent with your choice on everything that comes along with that, in each life’s sphere. One cannot abuse with sugar and cosmetics but stay away from cannabis because it’s “bad” with his/her health. It doesn’t make any sense to destroy your body by abusing with something and preserve it from some other damaging sources.  


Health System

We try to avoid using the “easy pill” that developed countries’ health systems are constantly proposing us. We try to be as natural as possible avoiding, when possible (ie. when no accidents occur), the use of any pharmaceutical product, doctors or hospitals.   

We drastically avoid excesses with substances that harms our body, mind and our mental lucidiy. E.g. salt, sugar (included excessing with carbs), nicotine, caffeine (yes, coffee), alcohol, drugs (legal and illegal), etc.

healthy lifestyle hedoniac 1

We love our body and mind as it’s the main instrument for our happiness, we don’t throw that crap into our bodies letting our minds being affected by that.

Yes, we know, we included coffee and sugar in the list. Caffeine is a chemical substance that jeopardises the natural flow of our mind. This nice video here will show you how your brain get easily addicted to it here. Last but not least, caffeine is an agitating substance… and as explained here, we prefer to slow down our life, not to stress it.
Therefore we stay away from that too. We prefer herbal tea or Japanese green tea. The same exact principle goes with the abuse of sugar. Your mind get easily addicted to it and your lucidy is jeopardized.



respect your body hedoniac

We love our body. We like to explore what is capable of and challenge ourselves.

We embrace any bodily art that makes us feel good physically and mentally. This can be any sports activities, walking, yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, body care, sleep (oh yes… incredible that there is the need to write it down here!).

We consider any activity that is using our body but respecting it (ie. we don’t consider driving a car a sport and we don’t put ourselves into extreme long efforts like doing an Ironman). 

We don’t let ourselves becoming addicted to any bodily activity that could ruin our body in the long term. After all, our body is the home hosting our mind.



We simply avoid cosmetics as much as possible.

We are who we are, dot.

We don’t try to run away from that.

Spending time, effort, energy in trying to “improve our look” or, worst, trying to look like someone else, doesn’t make much sense for the pursuit of our happiness.

Last but not least, we like to connect dots and learn from history. We don’t trust any company producing cosmetics and marketise them as solutions at all. This includes shampoo, toothpaste, mouthwash, deodorant, perfume, etc.

We try as much to avoid that or do it ourselves at home. 



nutrition is important for your mind and body hedoniac 2

Source: Naturebels.com

Nutrition supports our life as much as roots support a tree.

We avoid fast food, any kind of chunk food, frozen food, “microwave food”, etc. For us, this is simply not food and represent the apogee of a failing society.

We only eat vegetarian food, when we can vegan food, without allowing this to over-complicate our lives. It is good to support our natural environement and our health, but we need to take into account that the preservation of our mental equilibrium and desires satisfaction is also of core importance for an happy life. We love also to focus on local and seasonal production only, when possible.

Also, we try to cook ourselves as much as possible rather than paying for someone else to do that (to gather more control over what we eat).

Here you can get some wonderful receipts ideas of, mainly vegetarian, natural and local food.

It’s not because coca-cola is the first drink that pops in your mind at the restaurant when you sit down that you can’t ask for a locally-produced fresh drink to the waiter. We are not instinct driven beasts anymore, we are rational thinking beings.
A small (and nowadays outside-the-box) choice like that can help your mind (less sugar = more lucidity), your body (trust us, your body will say thanks to that too), your energy, your environment and your wallet :).


Grow our Food

Growing our vegetables in an organic garden allows us to figure out how difficult it is for nature to produce the food you eat. Being aware of that generates enormous respect for nature and its production rythms. As a consequence, a 0-waste vision on food is automatically triggered. 

If we don’t have a piece of land where to grow your vegetables, an indoor hydroponic grow box can easily be set up. 

nutrition is important for your mind and body hedoniac

Source: Naturebels.com

To conclude, we strongly believe that nowadays it’s not difficult to pursue a healthy lifestyle, it’s just a matter of knowledge and determination. An informed and smart individual will not find difficult to nurture his/her body with good substances rather than with some of the current (largely-diffused) society’s poisons.