Social Life and its Importance for Happiness

Natural social beings

People are naturally social beings. Having a social life is not a must, is a natural process.

Our social circle and our community are composed of people that share our ethics, that are productive and respectful. Those are the people we can trust, rely upon and confide in the most. Those relationships are much more gratifying than any other our society can offer. We eat together, discuss, challenge each other, help each other, experience and have a good time.

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How we like to interact with people

Being in society also means to give without expecting anything in exchange, to barter, to trade with, to support, to motivate and encourage, to commune with and, eventually, to love. We show kindness and concern, we watch over our social circle and community, we help to carry their burden if we can.

Carrying on natural, spontaneous and sincere interactions with your social circle, community AND with unknown people is crucial for happiness. We avoid communication means that deprive one of our 5 senses or obstruct normal conversational feedback (ie. computers, smartphones,…). You can read more here.

Racism or nationalism thoughts are not for us. We are ahead of that. It’s what’s inside people that matters, not the color of their skin or where they come from. After all, we are not instinct-driven beasts anymore but thinking humans. Nowadays we should overcome this crap and think of humankind as a brotherhood of man.

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Sharing and investing in people

We live with integrity. It’s a simple concept, yet often misunderstood and unfollowed. We don’t do things to other people if we wouldn’t like them to be done to us.

We share knowledge and skills, we love to teach and spread knowledge. We like to build any stuff (literally any) in cooperation with others. We uphold the creation and diffusion of communities based on that very approach and on reciprocal exchange and enrichment.

We love to invest in trust. We love to do minor deals for people on a trust basis. We take others at their word and let ourselves be challenged by ours.

Although sincerity is crucial, we do respect secrets. Secrets help us maintaining who we are, safeguarding our identity and uniqueness. Most of the time full transparency is a bad thing (ie. we reject the ‘everything should be in the open’ propaganda).