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Embrace Slow Living and Pursue an Happy Life

Slow living

We strongly believe that humankind imperatively needs to embrace slow living. Nowadays's the world is insanely speeding up on progress, production, life's rhythm, consumerism, working schedules and natural resources exploitation. 

A dramatic step-by-step slow down of production, global economy, working and social rhythms needs to appear. Going on with current rhythms is not sustainable anymore in terms of natural environment exploitation (sustainability) and humankind exploitation (social responsibility).
Also let's admit it, every citizen of any big city in the world is affected by a huge psychological stress, every single day. 
If not by external sources (work, traffic, noise on the street, government, a company,....) by internal psychological factors. It's not nice but it's up to us to cut it and give a drammatic slow down of your life.
We advise you to read the following book, which is an awesome cure-all to get you to that mood.
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Enjoy time

Morally and ethically, each and every person on earth should have the basic right to freely and fully enjoy at least half of its existence's time. Better if following the slow living philosophy. Free from any working bound and free to run after its passions, social circle and well-being.

From the 80' till now

In the 80' computers were not globally diffused. Average working hours were on an average of 40-50 hours per week. Computers adoption dramatically changed our production rhythm, increasing that of at least 10 times.
Theoretically, all of this created added value and richness, should have allowed people to work half of their week (ie. 20-25 hours) and spend the rest enjoying life. This simply didn't happen. The majority of people are still working 40 to 50 hours per week. Instead of in a factory, in front of a computer. Where did all that added value and richness go?

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We believe in smiling and looking at the full glass.

We live life with simplicity and when possible we simply go with the flow.

Having a positive attitude regarding life and its challenge is crucial. Stress is useless and mentally damaging, we reject that. 

We just love and follow the Holstee's Manifesto, especially the part that say

“Stop over-analysing, life is simple. Open your heart, mind and arms to new things and people”.

frugal living hedoniac

Frugal Living will Help your Happiness

We embrace the principle that frugal living is the only solution to live a long and happy life. 

Having a frugal living that is inline with nature is of core importance for happiness because the more things you own the more those things will mentally own you. We figured out that everywhere we go, part of our thoughts were dedicated to our valuable things we owned. They took a dedicated space in our mind and directly, indirectly, consciously or unconsciously triggered anxiety, worries, fears, attachment-thoughts, jealousy, etc. We said stop to that. So we figured out that we didn't want to be part of this game anymore. 

Better to have no objects and have your mind free to enjoy all the beauty nature and life can offer. Especially you will have a clear mind to experience with introspection all the experiences that life will offer you.

Humankind is not the top of a pyramid but part of a complex natural cycle with animals and the ecosystem. 

natural cycle with animals and the ecosystem hedoniac

We believe in the preservation of natural forces and in a delicate chemical, physical and biological equilibrium. Because of that, we live frugally and without wasting precious earth's resources such as water, energy and land. 

Following the same principle and Buddhist philosophy, we acknowledge that any human being is destined to grow old and, sooner or later, die. Thus accepting the normal ageing process of the mind and body. We avoid ant-aging process, cosmetics or similar practices. 

education alternatives hedoniac

Education Alternatives do Exist

Education alternatives do exist. We love to drink books as they were water. Real books with real ideas in them. Memorize the ideas and concepts. This is education. We don't need schools' approval certificates. Also, learn a fast-reading technique and effective memorization tactics. 

We are educating ourselves getting our hands dirty. We love to be into action rather than into talking. Many education alternatives do exist aside from the classical ones our society is pushing you into.

Udemy and DIY Instructables are an excellent source of education but also newly created startups are.

Our thirst of knowledge is endless, broad and deep. We like to learn from a wide range of disciplines: ethics, law (not necessarily government law), logic, cryptography, cybersecurity, coding, finance, communication. This latter not to prove we are right, but to get true ideas into other minds effectively. 

Last but not least, as we aim independence, we study and learn from a broad and deep array of disciplines. Agriculture, nutrition, psychology, medicine (also the "alternative one"), wood-carving, informatics, hydraulics are an example.

alternative education hedoniac

You can educate yourself differently, you don't need a certificate or paper to tell you what you know or don't know. It's just a matter of choice. And to be practical... most of the job "opportunities" out there want to see you actively and practically solving their problem(s), not you showing them a certificate that should proof that you are able to do so :)

We adapt, improvise, overcome. Screw the rules – make our own.

have no tv hedoniac

Have no TV and Avoiding Commercials, Media & News increase Happiness

For our well-being, we have no TV and completely walked away commercials, media and news. Those are massive wasters of the most precious thing we own: our time. They are distractors and work as opium in regards to our main life-objective: the pursuit of our happiness. 

Furthermore, we don't waste our precious time and energy on the daily political drama of the day. We like to listen, discuss and digest more substantial things. 

Instead, we love to read books, watch documentaries and films, listen to podcasts, read online stuff,... BUT we pick the good sources. Normally, good sources are not among the "most popular" or "most sold" lists. We learned to search above and beyond popular search engines and big web players.

Just for the readers of Hedoniac, we wanna share here a massive collection of curated links that will help you getting anonymous, not-filtered by (web) mass medias information.
Remember, with big power comes big responsibility, so take good care of them :)

Trust us, especially having no TV is a cure-all or panacea if your objective is the pursuit of happiness.

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social life hedoniac

Social Life and its Importance for Happiness

Natural social beings

People are naturally social beings. Having a social life is not a must, is a natural process.

Our social circle and our community are composed of people that share our ethics, that are productive and respectful. Those are the people we can trust, rely upon and confide in the most. Those relationships are much more gratifying than any other our society can offer. We eat together, discuss, challenge each other, help each other, experience and have a good time.

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How we like to interact with people

Being in society also means to give without expecting anything in exchange, to barter, to trade with, to support, to motivate and encourage, to commune with and, eventually, to love. We show kindness and concern, we watch over our social circle and community, we help to carry their burden if we can.

Carrying on natural, spontaneous and sincere interactions with your social circle, community AND with unknown people is crucial for happiness. We avoid communication means that deprive one of our 5 senses or obstruct normal conversational feedback (ie. computers, smartphones,...). You can read more here.

Racism or nationalism thoughts are not for us. We are ahead of that. It's what's inside people that matters, not the color of their skin or where they come from. After all, we are not instinct-driven beasts anymore but thinking humans. Nowadays we should overcome this crap and think of humankind as a brotherhood of man.

naturally social beings hedoniac

Sharing and investing in people

We live with integrity. It's a simple concept, yet often misunderstood and unfollowed. We don't do things to other people if we wouldn't like them to be done to us.

We share knowledge and skills, we love to teach and spread knowledge. We like to build any stuff (literally any) in cooperation with others. We uphold the creation and diffusion of communities based on that very approach and on reciprocal exchange and enrichment.

We love to invest in trust. We love to do minor deals for people on a trust basis. We take others at their word and let ourselves be challenged by ours.

Although sincerity is crucial, we do respect secrets. Secrets help us maintaining who we are, safeguarding our identity and uniqueness. Most of the time full transparency is a bad thing (ie. we reject the 'everything should be in the open' propaganda).

know yourself and your worth hedoniac

Forget the System: Know Yourself Know your Worth

We love to get to know ourselves. We know ourselves and know our worth.

Rather than looking at the system for images of success and approval, we make our own images of success and we learn to approve our own self. 

We don't look for descriptions, boxes or labels to fit into or for people to tell us what we are. We are not suited to any single description.

Each one of us is a complex, unique and unlimited person. 

know yourself hedoniac

Also, rather than doing what other people expect us to do, we do what WE think is right. We take value-based inputs into account and consider them, but we don't base our thoughts, decisions or behaviour solely on those inputs.  

We are comfortable working our will in the world, beneficially. Fixing our mistakes and learn not to repeat them.

To know yourself and your worth is the first thing to achieve if you wanna pursuit a happy life.

anti consumerism and frugalism hedoniac

Anti Consumerism and Frugalism vs. Current System


Don't you feel that consumerism is reaching unsustainable high levels? Solutions are there... anti-consumerism and frugalism are two examples.

Money is not the scarcest resource we have. It's our time. Nevertheless, as the system is based upon it, having enough of it is an instrument for our pursuit of happiness. 

Not owning things will make you free

However, having a healthy discernment and rational decision-making process on how to spend our money is crucial. We are aware that avoiding spending money is equal to earning more of it.

This being said, we stay away from consumerism and shopping, we love anti-consumerism. We avoid anything that is not directly impacting our happiness. Non-exhaustive examples include the purchase of objects or accessories, drug, alcohol, casino, lottery tickets, anything luxe, house, car, jewellery, cosmetics,...

Not owning things will make you free hedoniac


We don't blow our money on piles of useless objects kept on an ever-bigger house. That would slowly kill our soul and transform us on dying beings.

Also, we don't want our soul to stagnates and withers. We spend most of our lives travelling the world, discovering new places and meet new people. By embracing the unknown and throwing ourselves in any new art and experience that is not damaging others or the environment, we feel satisfied and self-fulfilled.

travelling the world hedoniac

We do the above in a way that is the one hand affordable and in the other allowing us to perpetuate this very lifestyle for all life long. 

We try to collect the needed money from two different sources. A location-unbound part-time job or passive income AND from the spare of money of our frugal lifestyle.

about human rights hedoniac

About Human Rights: The Individual above Corporations

About human rights... well, nowadays, the more and the more we hear talking about corporations and companies having their rights to safeguard their profit. How often did you hear about inviduals having their rights to safeguard their interests and profits against corporations and companies?

We don't believe companies and large corporations have the right to protect their profits above all else. Of course we do believe they should have the right to safeguard their profit, but not by walking over individuals or communities' rights. The individual should always rule over any institution. Policy and law shouldn't be dictated by them but be at service of the individual. 

The state is not magic. It's just a collection of people no different or more ethical or noble than each and every one of us. We don't believe human rights come from law, policy or governments. They come from nature. We don't infringe some of the common laws because it's not moral, ethic, just or natural to do so. For instance, we don't kill someone or steal other's propriety because isn't moral or ethic. Also, we wouldn't like anyone doing that to us in the first place. Not because some entity told us we shouldn't do it or because it's illegal.

We are comfortable with the term "Economic Civil Disobedience", we love to find false assumptions in arguments (especially from politicians) and we love to disagree with kindness. 

about human rights hedoniac

alternative system hedoniac

Alternative System to Capitalism and Socialism

Anarchy and communitarianism

We need to open our eyes: an alternative system to the current economic and social one does exist. More in general, alternatives to capitalism and socialism are there. 

Also, a form of "controlled" and auto-regulated anarchy is not necessarily bad.

Independent communities exist all around the world and a de-centralized communities-based system is no difficult to imagine (and do exist in small parts of the globe).

Anarchy and communitarianism hedoniac

A system fostering individuals' happiness

We do believe in an economical and social alternative system with no central controlling entity and based on people for the people.

It should have one primary objective: empower and push individuals toward their free pursuit of happiness (life quality) and healthy lifestyle (long-lasting life). 

A similar economic and social system should:

  • act as a foundation
  • guide and inform 
  • drive and motivate
  • catalyze

people toward a more rich-of-experiences, hedonic and happy life. 

life lived running after your passions hedoniac

Rules and Regulation

There shouldn't be a single higher entity regulating the system, ruling over individuals and treating them if rules are not respected. It should not tell what is right or wrong or what is illegal or not either. 

People should auto-regulate the system by controlling that their choices are not damaging other individuals' happiness or our very environment. This auto-regulation should be generated and based on brotherhood, each-others ' respect, inner human moral and ethics. 

Individuals are natural and social feeling beings, living in a delicate and dependent-upon-it natural circle.

Institutions, companies, entities, progress, power or money shouldn't in any case rule over the individual. 


Entrepreneurship, freedom and independence

We find it vital to be productive under our own command, embracing entrepreneurship, even if part-time.
It is immensely deliberating to be independently productive and directly deal with partners, suppliers, users, leads, clients. 

We understand and put in practice the distinction between morality and law. 

As only privacy and anonymity allow to achieve real freedom, we fully support both of them. Of course, we value and seek freedom and independence from the national and institutional rule too.

Just for the readers of Hedoniac, here we share a huge collection of curated links to preserve your privacy and anonymity vs. the world :) ?

No Mobile Phones hedoniac

Follow a No Mobile Phones Life and You Will be Happier

Technology progress

We support technology progress only if is intended as a healthy walk (not run) towards a nature-respectful improvement of all living-beings or intended as an active, free-from-control and constructive mean of information (that's why our credo is "no mobile phones"). 

We are against that type of communication following and constantly interrupting people lives (ie. cell phones, smartphones). Notifications, messages or incoming calls are constantly and forcedly driving away individual from the real world. They push him directly into a fake, conversational-feedback lacking digital or virtual one. 

No Mobile Phones hedoniac

No mobile phones life

That's why we decided to live a no-mobile-phones life. It should be individual solely discernment when entering the digital/virtual world and when remaining in the real world. To put it differently, when opening a computer and actively entering the virtual world or when continuing to enjoy his/her conversation with a friend.

Strong psychological mechanisms are entering in the play and slyly pushing the individual to act like that. Without necessarily people's awareness. 

We acknowledge that thus rejecting the use of technology for this purpose. 

To clarify, we are not solely against those type of devices. They clearly are an incredible invention and sometimes strongly needed. We are against the current abuse and misuse of them. As a consequence, our social life is being ruined by them and social networks. If you want to know more about this point, this wonderful speech by Chamath Palihapitiya (former senior executive @Facebook) will open your eyes.

We are the owners of our time and we should decide when we want to communicate or interact with the rest of the world. It's a matter of discernment, control and power over our very time, eventually of our life.